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This is the journey of one man's desire to create, build-bridges and inspire people, places and things. Exploring spirituality, social justice, life lessons, and awareness I am a poet, a producer, and an activist. These titles that define my being are only a few. In this space I seek to explore and express; inspire through truth; and expand boundaries. How dare a simple man compare himself to Jesus. I argue, how dare any Christian not do so. A 21st Century Jesus would challenge the status quo, while inspiring those human characteristics most endearing of our species.

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A Woodward Stroll

Yesterday I found myself walking south on Woodward Ave from the New Center Area to Downtown Detroit. Although not planned, it was a beautiful summer day with great cloud cover. Detroit’s main drag was alive with resident’s everyday hustle. Luckily, I now have access to a Blackberry camera that works.

It’s always great for people to get reacquainted with the place they reside. I personally never get bored taking a stroll on Woodward. This is not a comprehensive look at all the happenings on this historic street. On this day I just wanted to capture images that caught my eye.

This city still has a pulse.

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